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Burr Off Removal Tool

Are those pesky burrs always attaching themselves to your dog?

We have a product designed to remove them quickly and easily, it can remove any burrs that are attached to your dogs fur.

Simple and lightweight and flexible can be put in your pocket.

Simply just slide it underneath from the top of the burr and slide it in a straight downward motion.
If needed go from side to side also. ( Use your wrist in a small vibrating way as you slide down the tool, also try not to get to much hair as possible so the tool works smoothly )

It works on any animal; Dogs, Cats, Horses...

Can also help remove Ticks.

Regardless of burr on any animal, this is the best tool to remove them.

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Large pets 70 plus pounds Size: 3" by 1.25 "
S / M / L pets under 70 pounds Size: 3" by 7/8 "

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Burrs of a Dog removed


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